Engelse verjaardag gedichten

engelse-verjaardag-gedichtenBirthday Poëms, Verjaardagsgedichten in de Engelse taal. Engelse verjaardag gedichten sturen die de voorkeur geeft aan Engels. Een leuk verjaardagsgedicht voor internationale vrienden of familie.

Engelse verjaardag gedichten voor Engelstalige verjaardag

Count your garden by the flowers
Never by the leaves that fall

Count your days by the golden hours
Don’t remember clouds at all

Count your years with smiles, not tears
Count your age by friends, not years!

Lips like strawberry wine
Skin like peaches and cream

You’re sixteen
Just like a dream

You’re beautiful
Like a queen

This wish for a Happy Birthday
brings more love than words can say

Love that holds you close in thought
and close in heart each day

A birthday greeting
To wish you nothing less

Than all the special things in life
That brings you happiness

Especially for you
a warm, loving wish

for happiness and health
al your life trough

and a future that brings
success in all things
especially important to you

Today it is your Birthday
You’re turning Sweet 16

A long anticipated Birthday
That once was just a Dream

On your Sixteenth Birthday
My Birthday wish for you

Is that all your hopes and dreams
Someday will come true.

Today’s the day we’ve waited for
You’re not our baby anymore

You’ve turned into a beauty queen
Happy birthday sweet sixteen

What happened to that funny face?
Our little tomboy
now wears satin and lace

Before our eyes you’ve become
a teenage dream
Happy birthday sweet sixteen

Verjaardagsgedichten en Plaatjes

Verjaardagsgedichten en Plaatjes